in the summer collection superated zooms into a summery, windy and intimate park scene. in the interaction of three protagonists the observer gets observed. a lurking man awakes the interest. the mood is quiet and still though accompanied by tension.

the silhouette is elegant to sporty, clear and minimal but with a twist recognisable at second glance. rotundities play a recurrent part in collars, hems and seams. transparency is the second stylistic theme. transparent materials turn pockets into constructive criteria. trousers are slim to regular fit. the length of trouser legs and sleeves remains short to show ankles and wrists. the focus of the materials is on
natural fabrics such as cotton and, for tailored pieces, wool. some selected nylon fabrics and the finish on several cottons draw the bow back to a contemporary synthetic look.

the blow up of a photograph as an attempt of exact observation is quoted in the dots print, that recalls the remains of grain of bespoken blown up pictures. the theme of the wind returns in the print showing reed in the wind. the transparency of fabrics evokes both airiness and the game between observation and being observed. round elements put the stress on the quiet and contained type of man.